Useful Landscape Maintenance Checklist for Your Commercial Property

Do you regularly need to maintain the look of your commercial property? Or seeking to improve your premises, from a business perspective? If only you owned a checklist to include every detail like analyzing the health of your plants, ensuring that your irrigation is in good shape, and so on, your landscape maintenance work could be simplified.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Here is a compilation of commercial landscape maintenance checklist to help you maintain the look of your property:

Lawn Care Checklist
It can be hard to keep track of all the tasks required for lawn maintenance, so you can refer to this lawn maintenance checklist for remaining on track.

  • Weekly Mowing Activity
    Commercial mowing demands precision and care. Proper mowing involves the right tools, right conditions, and right trimming to provide you with an impressive expanse of well-cared, lush green lawn.
  • Grass Clippings and Debris Cleanup
    Fallen leaves, grass trimmings, stray flower petals and other debris easily clog the flower beds and make your entire property look messy. Use professional-grade blowers to maintain the overall cleanliness of your property.
  • Edging Curbs and Beds
    Edging helps keep your grass and garden beds fresh, fine, and crisp. It highlights the shape of the lawn and planting beds that render a neatly trimmed appearance to the whole scene for your clients to notice.
  • Trash and Debris Pickup
    Based on your property size, you can either choose to collect fallen debris manually or with a rake. A good raking may also help promote the fresh growth of grasses on your property.
  • Fertilizing, Aeration, and Seeding
    For promoting a healthy, green turf, it is essential to regularly fertilize, aerate and seed the soil on your property. Also get the soil pH examined annually to ascertain its lime requirement.

Shrub and Tree Maintenance Checklist

  • Regular Pruning
    Regular pruning not only maintains the visual appeal, ideal size and health of your shrubs and trees but also protects people, buildings and power lines from getting endangered.
  • Pest and Disease Inspection
    Trees and shrubs also need to be protected from pests and diseases that cause long-term damage or even death. Inspect the plants for things like stained leaves, bark pattern and evident signs of insects.

Seasonal Color Checklist
Beautiful and colorful flowers provide a vibrant feel to a property from the beginning of spring to late fall. Without proper care, those stunning patches can quickly transform into eyesores that can really detract from your property’s appearance.

  • Deadheading
    Routine removal of old, worn-out blooms promotes new blooming and maintains the freshness and neatness of the flower beds looking fresh and tidy.
  • Weeding
    Weeds are disastrous for your garden. They are unwanted, horrible plants that spread at a rampant pace and suffocate the beautiful plants in the vicinity.
  • Watering
    Ensure that your soil and mulch have the correct moisture content and are not dehydrated. Regular watering is critical for healthy plants.

Water Management Checklist

  • Irrigation Efficiency
    A sound and upgraded irrigation system can prove to be quite cost-effective to your landscape budget. It will translate into a considerably lower utility bill.
  • Winterization
    Remember to get your irrigation system winterized before experiencing the first hard frost. You should ensure to prevent the pipes from freezing, once temperatures drop.

Safety Checklist

  • Inspect Sidewalks For Cracks
    Check for cracks, loose chunks or collapsing mortar on the sidewalks and steps as these are risky, and even dreadful when concealed with a layer of ice. So don’t ignore to get them repaired.
  • Clear Debris
    Damp leaves on grass and concrete can make the surface slippery for pedestrians. It’s important to clear out debris from public path, as leaves and twigs are particularly dangerous when blanketed in snow.
  • Trim Tree Branches
    Proper pruning can enhance the overall structure of trees in preparation of heavy snow, ice or stormy weather while maintaining the aesthetics of your trees throughout the year.
  • Inspect Your Water Drainage
    Ensure to get proper grading and drainage in order to prevent the standing water from turning into an icy surface. This can lead further safety issues and your visitors wouldn’t want to risk stepping out of their car in your waterlogged parking area.
  • Inspect Your Outdoor Lighting
    Make sure you have a sound lighting provision that properly illuminates your property. Examine your property’s outdoor, especially your parking area, walkways and the area surrounding your building, after dusk to check for any dark location you should address.

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