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The Best Shrubs to Ornate Your Woodland Garden

If you are baffled of large unused trees and woods in your garden, then using them to create a woodland garden is a wonderful idea. Woodland Gardens provide natural surroundings to your landscape and use of carefree plants make landscape maintenance easy and simple.

Garden Landscape Design

The selection of plants is very important for a woodland garden and it can be created according to the space available, soil properties, local environment, and considering all other feasible conditions.
Let’s take a look at some plants and small shrubs that can make your woodland garden the most relaxing place:

  1. Cardinal Flower (Lobelila cardinalis):
    Lobelia cardinalis is America’s one of the favorite native plants that are easily propagated by seed and most favorable to the local temperatures. It is also very useful for medicinal purpose as its leaves are used for colds and bronchial problems.

  2. Sanguinaria Canadensis:
    Sanguinaria Canadensis are native plants of Eastern North America and best grown in damp and moist soil. It is also known as “Bloodwort” and blooms in summer with white petals and yellow stigma parts.

  3. Woodland Sunflower:
    Woodland Sunflower is a perennial wildflower which grows about 3 to 8 feet, suitable for dry and open woodland. Its large yellow flowers with wine-purple stems bloom up to create a wonderful aura in your woodland garden.

  4. Pasture Rose:
    Pasture Rose is a low growing shrub that grows about 1-3 ft. It is commonly known as Carolina rose. These are fragrant pink flowers that bloom in summer and best grown in well-drained soil in full sun.

  5. American Hazelnut:
    American Hazelnut is a medium-large sized shrub that grows in sun or partial shade. It can be used at the border of your garden due to its colonial tendency. American Hazelnut is easy to maintain and also bear higher nutritional nuts.