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Inspiring Patio Lighting Ideas to Enliven Your Home

    Natural Stone Patio Landscape LightingOutdoor lighting doesn’t have to be boring. With more and more options becoming available, the sky is the limit when creating an outdoor patio paradise. From direct lighting to ambient lighting, used to set the mood for a romantic dinner, options can be mixed or matched to suit any occasion.

  • See through lighting
    Glass panels equipped with LED lights on each cap provide indirect, ambient light that is ideal for setting the mood for a quiet evening outside on the deck.Outdoor Landscape Patio Lighting

  • Motion activated lights
    These small lights work well when placed near stairs, steps or walkways and also comply with building codes that require stairs and steps to be lighted.

  • RGB LED lighting
    Red/Green/Blue LED lights are controlled by a small computerized mechanism that allows you to create almost any color. The color of the lights can be changed to reflect a mood or to accent patio or deck furniture.Landscape Outdoor Patio Lighting

  • String lights
    String lights are an old favorite that are extremely convenient. They are affordable and come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. They can put up and taken down as needed. If you buy more than or two different sets, they can be swapped out in a matter of minutes.

  • Rail lights
    Small lights run off of solar power or a 12 Volt power source can be placed along the patio railing to help you locate the boundary of the patio or deck. They provide subtle light that does not detract from other lighting used over tables or other main areas.

  • Fiber optics
    Small fiber optic lights are excellent for that unique, unexpected look. Small emitters are placed in tiny holes drilled into the surface of the deck. The network of fiber optic cable is operated from a small, enclosed box. Landscape Concrete Pathway Lights