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Residential Landscaping Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

Residential landscape design not only beautifies your home, but also increases its value. While your home may be beautiful to look at on its own, landscaping can accent its positive features and reduce the impact of distractions that cast a negative light on the overall picture.

Residential Landscape Design Ideas

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Beach Stones + Classic Look = Stylish Homes

natural stones landscaping

Landscaping ideas run the gamut from expensive to free and from classy to rustic. One of the most popular landscaping designs is using natural things found within nature, such as driftwood, sea glass and sea stones and wood of all sorts.

Beach stones are one of the most versatile landscaping items as they come in all sizes and colors and are easy to work with. Bring a bit of the sea to your yard by incorporating some of the following ideas using beach stones.

  • Walkways
    Instead of using simple concrete, arrange beach stones in a beautiful pattern and fill the gaps in with white concrete. This makes a wonderful path through a garden or around a fountain.
  • Pond accents
    Do you have a water feature in your landscape? Enhance the beauty quotient by using varied sizes of stones on the bottom of a pond for decoration and along the banks to create a more natural look.
  • Furniture
    Beach pebbles help in creating a lively atmosphere around with furniture in a contemporary look. Glue or make blocks of stones and concrete to create benches, a fire pit or tables for the backyard.
  • Garden decoration
    Stones of various shapes and color, when well-arranged gives an expensive and sophisticated look to the outdoors and accounts for a spectacular garden decoration. Using rocks and pebbles around your plants will create an unusual look as well as help eliminate leaves.
  • Sculptures
    Stone sculptures can be an appealing adornment for your landscape. Use smaller pebbles of distinguished color and style to create unique garden sculptures.
  • Wall
    Create a short wall of stones to help make various areas in your yard, create privacy or as a safety barrier around a pond, fountain or pool. Build a maze with short stone walls and shrubbery.
  • Patio
    If you are feeling ambitious, design your entire patio out of beach stones. You can use large flat ones or smaller, more colorful ones that make creating patterns possible. Your imagination is the limit to what you can create.

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5 Stunning Landscape Resolutions to Try This New Year

New Years’ resolutions are often easy to make but extremely hard to keep. A landscape resolution doesn’t take much willpower and is relatively inexpensive. It will also improve the curb appeal of your home. Deciding on one particular landscape resolution is the most difficult part.

1. The Three R’s
Using the concept of the three R’s, you can create a very unique landscaped area. An old watering can, a rusty tricycle, almost anything that will withstand the elements can be seasoned and added to the landscaped area.

2. Compost
You can create a beautiful floral garden without harmful, chemical fertilizers. You can make your own natural fertilizer in a homemade compost bin. Compost works efficiently as a fertilizer but will not burn or damage grass. Compost does not contain harsh chemicals that will seep into ground water supplies.

3. Plant! Plant! Plant!
You can choose to plant almost any type of plant. Flowers, shrubs, small trees and decorative grasses are all good choices. Small landscaped areas can be filled with a variety of plants, rocks and other decorative elements or you can choose to place single plants at various spots throughout the yard.

4. Use Sustainable Landscape
Sustainable landscape methods include materials and techniques that help to conserve energy and preserve natural resources. They include composite wood for decks, strategically placed trees that provide ample shade and act as a wind break. It also includes the use of decorative plants and grasses that are drought resistant.

5. Keep It Clean
Make sure to regularly pick up grass clippings and other types of yard debris. Yard waste can easily be collected and incorporated into compost bins.