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Therapeutic Corporate Garden Designs: Are They Beneficial?

A corporate work space is designed for productivity. Every bit of space is maximized for optimum utilization. Companies are now adding corporate gardens to offer their employees are more pleasant and inviting work area.

Therapeutic Corporate Garden

In the past, it has been proven that companies who have corporate gardens have employees who are more productive and have a more positive attitude and outlook towards their job.

The Importance of a Corporate Garden
Corporate gardens beautify the workspace. Improving the look and feel of the office is important for several reasons. Companies that take the initiative to plant a corporate garden understand the importance of creating a workspace that is both functional as well as inviting. With the right types of plants, design, and decorations, a garden can be created that will compliment the décor of the office.

The Benefits of a Corporate Garden
Corporate gardens offer several benefits in addition to the aesthetics that they offer to the office and surrounding landscape.

  • Reduces Stress – Being outside in a quiet garden reduces stress and relieves anxiety. Plants, fountains and the visual appeal of a well planned garden is relaxing and allows a person to let go of the frustrations that build up during the day.

  • Improves Memory – Gardens allow workers to relax. Eliminating stress and frustration clears the mind and helps workers remain more alert. They can concentrate more efficiently.

  • Increases Physical Activity – Gardens that are large enough can be designed with walking paths that encourage employees to walk on their breaks. Walking or jogging stretches the muscles and increases blood flow to the extremities.

  • Slows Down Traffic Flow – Gardens can be designed with curves and corners that prevent people from rushing through them. When employees must remain on a set path to avoid obstacles, they must walk at a much slower pace.

  • Encourages Social Interaction – A corporate garden encourages interaction between employees, who work for the company, as well as employees and potential customers or clients. Tables and chairs can be set up in the garden so that meetings can be held and employees can enjoy their lunches and breaks sitting outside.

  • Makes Working In-House More Pleasant – Having a large corporate garden provides employees an opportunity to keep meetings on company property. Many working meetings are generally held at restaurants or clubs away from the office. By installing a corporate garden, companies provide a unique area for in-house meetings, training sessions and workshops.

  • Increases Productivity – When employees are allowed to de-stress, they are more productive and likely to stay on task for longer period of time. Working in a relaxed atmosphere allows for clearer thinking and a fresh perspective.

  • Creates a Positive, Relaxed Atmosphere – Employees and clients who use the corporate garden for meetings are able to enjoy a positive, more relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Work environments are often stuffy and restrictive, corporate gardens remove restrictions and provide open areas where employees can relax and focus on their work.

Corporate gardens can be as simple or elaborate as money will allow. Some businesses choose to invest several thousand dollars in producing a garden that is both functional and versatile. Elaborate gardens can contain large fountains, rock gardens, statues, small koi ponds and various types of plants. The garden must contain functional pieces of furniture that blend well the interior and exterior décor of the office. Benches, tables with umbrellas and comfortable chairs offer comfort as well as beauty and also add to the peaceful environment.

Companies can include almost anything they think their employees will like and appreciate. Offering comfort in a peaceful environment, companies can help their employees boost productivity levels and relieve the stress and frustrations that can create a negative atmosphere.