Outdoor Living Spaces: Landscape Ideas You Can Consider

Landscaping an area enables you to create your own little hideaway. There are several ideas you can use to make your area unique and versatile. Simple things can make great improvements–allowing you to get the most for your money.Residential Outdoor Living Spaces

Building Blocks
Different types of blocks and pavers can be used to create floors, walls, dividers, and grills. You can use one style for the floor while pavers can be staggered to build walls and borders along the edges of patios and decks. Cinder blocks and bricks can be used to build grills, barbecue and fire pits.

Using Color to Set the Mood
A landscape design often uses color to set the mood. Cement pavers and blocks can be found in a variety of colors aside from the conventional gray that have been used in the past. Greens and blues are relaxing and create feelings associated with a serene paradise. Oranges, reds, and yellows can be used to create an uplifting and cheerful environment.
One of the best ways to add color is through various types of flowers and foliage. Adding colorful flowers also bring a variety of scents and aromas to the area. There are several types of flowers that bloom several times throughout the summer. If you want the view to change, plant flowers that bloom at different times, giving you an ever- changing view.

Make It Functional
If you have limited space, make sure the items you use in your landscape design are functional. Ponds and fountains, for example, can be set in such a way that they drain into the soil around them watering the plants in the area. This eliminates the need to water the plants on a daily basis.

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