How You Can Landscape Your Front Yard to Make It Attractive

Front Yard Landscape

Front yard landscaping is just as important as landscaping in other areas. In fact, it can dramatically alter the curb appeal of your home and increase the overall value of your property. Beautifying the front of your property with the right type of décor and greenery can also attract potential buyers if you are interested in listing your property for sale.
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Here are some ideas you can use to landscape your front yard and make it attractive:

  • Follow the Natural Boundaries of the Lawn
    Follow the natural boundaries of the home and the lawn to set aside sections of the property for landscaping. This keeps the front lawn landscaping looking uniform and in line with the rest of the property. Create walkways that establish a consistent pattern and are functional as well as beautiful.
  • Add an Edge or Border
    Add a defining border or edge using pavers, bricks, stones, lumber or foliage to give a neat outline to your front yard. Choose a material that accentuates the same materials as those of the home and other structures. Accentuating the front of your home with similar landscaping materials will make certain features of the property stand out.
  • Include Accent Trees
    Accent trees will make your property stand out. Accent trees normally are those that offer an abundance of color or a unique, eye-catching shape that brings out certain features of the home and front yard landscaping areas. This will make a lasting impression on your visitors.
  • Make It Functional
    When walkways are created, the steps should be equally wide and beautifully placed. Include fountains for visual appeal. You can also add different types of lighting. Adding lights to landscaped areas also acts as a security measure. Homes that have sufficient lighting will sometimes qualify for discounts with their homeowner’s insurance policies.

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  1. Vivian

    I have just finished landscaping my back yard and am now ready to move on to the front yard which I am unsure how much to do with. I’m looking for ideas all over the internet, and your picture is now on my inspiration board for spring. Thanks for this post.


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