Commercial Landscape Improvement Tips for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to reassess, recreate goals, and revamp the appearance of your commercial property. Since it is the foremost thing to be noticed by your visitors, your commercial landscaping design should look its best throughout this new year!

Commercial Landscaping Design

Here are some useful commercial landscaping design tips to help start a New Year shape-up plan for your commercial property’s outlook.

Go Greener

Begin your new year with some water conservation measures such as:

  • Include rain sensors
  • Use better water management steps
  • Use drought-tolerant indigenous varieties
  • Apply mulch composed from Eco- friendly materials

Enhance Your Landscape

  • Substitute old, burnt-out, over-grown, obsolete shrubbery with fresh, newer, healthier shrubs suitable for your landscape design and for the local surroundings.
  • Replace turf in the areas of excessive shade with a flower bed replete with appropriate flowering annuals.

Improve Your Hardscapes

In the new year, make it a point to address those necessary hardscaping issues like:

  • Install paver walkways at areas where there is heavy traffic on the present turf.
  • Include a brick or stone patio, fire pit area, cozy and attractive seating area, relaxing or enjoyable outdoor dining area.
  • Install professional landscape lighting to accentuate the beauty of the architectural attributes of a commercial property.
  • Add attractive focal points to enhance the visual appeal of your commercial property like water fountains, or a new outdoor décor.

Help from Professionals

Hire a professional landscaper to help you achieve your commercial landscaping goals and get your business in shape for the new year. A professional landscaping service will ensure to make your commercial property look forever appealing to all your clients and visitors.

All these simple tips will immensely improve the beauty of your commercial property to your advantage this new year.

For more information and idea, call an experienced and professional commercial landscape developer for transforming the appearance of your commercial property’s landscape.

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  1. Tiffany Locke

    I like your advice to hire a professional landscape design contractor to help with your commercial property to keep it looking appealing to clients and visitors. When choosing one it would probably be a good idea to go online and research local companies. Going online would give you the opportunity to read reviews and check out their website in order to learn more about their landscape design services and get examples of their previous projects to determine which contractor can give the look you want for your property.


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