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Top Decorative Concrete Ideas for Your Residential landscape

Decorative Concrete Designs

If you’re like most homeowners you want your house to look its absolute best all the time. That’s why you’ve spent tons of time and money on your décor and perfecting the look of the inside of your home. However, there’s more to a home’s style than the inside. Continue reading

Residential Landscaping Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

Residential landscape design not only beautifies your home, but also increases its value. While your home may be beautiful to look at on its own, landscaping can accent its positive features and reduce the impact of distractions that cast a negative light on the overall picture.

Residential Landscape Design Ideas

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Reasons to Add Water Feature in Your Landscape

A water feature is always a focal point for your home outdoor and landscape design. It creates an ambience that is relaxing, calming and therapeutic for you and your family. There are several water feature options available according to your landscape design.

An appropriate water feature increases the property value of your home, creates beautiful visuals and thriving habitat. The sound of running water adds an amazing ambience to your outdoor and landscape design.

A water feature can be created and designed according to your home requirement. It can be created in your backyard as well as front yard according to the space requirement.

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5 Ideas That Transform Simple Path Into an Inviting Walkway

Your walkways and paths don’t have to be boring and plain. There are several things you can do to spruce them up and make them more inviting. Residential landscape design professionals are available to help you liven up your pathways and make them shine.

Walkway at Residential Garden Landscape Design Continue reading

Optimizing Landscape Design? Plan Early to Reach Excellence

Landscaping deals with outdoor aesthetics. It includes activities of gardening and a certain degree of construction like building paths and walls to add to the natural beauty of one’s garden. Absolutely anybody can have lovely gardens with flowers and trees. Try considering these rules before you take on landscaping.

Residential Landscape Design

  • Personality
    Introducing your favorite traits to your garden can build its character. Make sure these coincide with the features of your home as well to avoid any mismatch.

  • Intention
    When you know what you’ll be using your yard for, the landscaping ideas will flow smoothly. For instance, for parties, barbecues, gardening and cook-outs. You should trace down your needs to make out the most of your landscape.

  • Users
    Apart from you who else is it for? It would be good to make a list of everyone who will have access to the area. Accordingly, you can develop a plan for where to put what, in terms of plants and things.

  • Interlinking
    If you’re considering a patio, play area and pool; keep routes that will allow you to move about to these segments easily. A little artificial bridge in the center of your landscape can give your surrounding a WOW factor.

  • Resource Protection
    Whether natural or not, everything you use in landscaping should protect your resources. Your method of landscaping should be environmentally sound and it’s even budget-friendly.

  • Nature of Environment
    The choice of plants for your garden must be based on the environment they’ll have to live in. The type of soil, climate, and weather are keys for plant selection. You can incorporate different sizes and colors of plants to add a serene and vibrant look to your landscape. By going with local plants you can manage better feasibility and plant survival.

Landscaping can complement your home as it develops the surroundings. The little things that appear appealing to the eye can increase the property’s total value; you just need a little bit of planning in advance. Landscaping may go back thousands of years, but its significance still holds true.

6 Surprising Reasons to Add Water Feature in Your Landscape

Water features in landscape design have become increasingly popular over the last few years and it’s no wonder why. There are many reasons why you should add a water feature to your landscape and they might just surprise you.

Professional Water Feature

  1. Environmental positives
    By adding a water feature such as a waterfall or pond on your property, you are effectively helping the habitat and environment around you. When you’re having water feature installed, you will also need to plant more trees and other plants that help with environmental conservation.

  2. Therapeutic effects
    The sound of water can have a calming effect while you are relaxing and enjoying your backyard. If you need a space to be stress free and not think about everyday responsibilities, having a water feature is one way to escape for a little bit.

  3. Beautiful visuals
    Make your property stand out with a small waterfall, a pond, or other water feature. This can truly make a bold statement about your aesthetic choices and really be a conversation starter when guests are over.

  4. Added property value
    A professionally installed water feature is going to bring up the value of your land. The value range can vary depending on the type of water feature you do decide on.

  5. Thriving habitat
    Ever wanted a vibrant, thriving habitat in your backyard? A water feature such as a pond can help with that. Fish can be added as well as other wild life being attracted to your property and add a certain level of vibrancy.

  6. A place to cool down
    On top of being relaxing, you will also have a place to cool down as the whole family if you opt for a larger body of water such as a pool or even a man-made lake.

Can Landscaping Raise Your Home’s Value?

Looking to bring up the value of your home? While you can certainly renovate the interior of your home to raise the value of your property, most homeowners don’t realize that they can also update or add to their exterior with professional landscaping.
Residential Landscape Architecture

It is more than just keeping the grass properly mowed, however. High end landscaping can include installing irrigation or natural stone, as well as beautifying your property so that your home can be worth more.

What other ways can you increase the value of your home with landscaping? You can explore some of the most popular options below and how you can apply them to your yard.

Landscaping with Plants
The biggest way landscaping can affect your home’s value is through vegetation- trees, bushes, and flowers. However, it really depends on the region, climate, and overall theme that compliments your personality as well as your property.

Landscape Design using Natural Resources

For example, professional landscaping uses a mixture of shrubs, flowers, and trees in order to create a pleasant environment. The theme should be consistent in both your front and backyard in order to have a cohesive design that is attention grabbing. A professional landscaping service can help you choose a wonderful theme that will increase the value of your home without overdoing it with plants.

A few other things to take into consideration are the type of plants you want to add. It is ideal to utilize plants native to your region both because the plants will be used to any changes in the climate but also because it helps the local wildlife in the area.

However, too much vegetation can decrease a home’s property value. Trees that outgrow their area in the yard or if there is an abundance of shrubs and flowers can give your home a look of neglect.

Hardscaping with Concrete and Natural Stone
If you already have enough landscaping but still want to bring up your home’s value then you might want to look into hardscaping. Rather than having trees or shrubbery planted, you can instead have a landscaping company install walls, paving, and natural stone that really makes your home’s aesthetic pop.

Hardscaping with Natural Stones

Hardscape elements include fences, walls, and porches. Other elements include detached buildings like sheds, decks, and walkways. Perhaps it is time to update these non-living areas of your property in order to keep up with your overall landscape theme and rejuvenate your home’s value. Separate buildings can get a fresh coat of paint, pathways and walkways can be updated with new types of stone, or your porch or deck power washed. Little things such as hardscaping maintenance might just be enough to bring up the value for your home.

Or you can always plan out a new hardscaping project with your local landscaping professional. Installing exterior lighting, using locally sourced stone or wood, and installing new areas to section off your yard are all perfect projects that can significantly raise the property value.

Landscaping Accent Pieces
Finally, there are accent pieces you can add to your yard that can tie everything together. When you’re seeking to raise the value of your home it is best to think of your yard just like the rest of your home’s interior as well. Your yard is as much of a room as your living room or kitchen and still needs accent pieces to really give that wow factor in decor and theme.

Landscape accent pieces can include several things: ponds, waterfalls, fountains, grilling areas, and outside lounge areas. Having separate areas in your yard for relaxation and entertainment can bring up the value while also providing the most from your yard when the weather permits.

Water Feature inside Front Yard

A landscaping professional can even help with accent pieces. If you want to add in a pond or area where guests can relax with a fire pit then you definitely need to start planning out your next big landscaping project.

Even if you’re not looking to move it is still good to have your home valued and to take the time to raise the property value when you can.

7 Landscape Design Trends to Increase The Value Of Your Property

The ideal landscape is one that renders your family – recreation, privacy and security. It also adds to your home’s value and curb appeal in all seasons. There are some trends or elements like lighting the way, fountain and local flora that can be used to facelift landscape design as well as home’s value.
Apart from the above mentioned features here are some simple yet effective ideas to beautify your outdoor and landscape design:

  1. Use of Solar Lights in Pathways and Stairs
  2.     Use of Solar Lights in Pathways and stairs can provide an ambient effect to your landscape and it will also cut-off of     electric bills.

    Solar Lights in Outdoor

  3. Planting Long and Bushy Plants
  4.     Planting a long and bushy plants at the boundary of your landscape secures your privacy and block the view of     individuals.

    Privacy Concern Trees

  5. Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping
  6.     Plants from the native place have an optimum growth and need less maintenance.

    Plants for Local Climate

  7. Adding Water Phenomena to Your Landscape
  8.     Water Fountain and small Ponds are the center of attraction for your outdoor landscape design.

    Water Fountain using Pots

  9. Outdoor Structures to Bring Indoors Out
  10.     Turning Outdoor & Landscape into small kitchen and sitting area, where you can relax and enjoy your free time.

    Outdoor Landscape for Sitting Area

  11. Edible Plants to Forage in Your Landscape
  12.     Using edible plants and bushes in your gardening produce beautiful leafage and provide edible delights to home owner.

    Gardening with Edible Plants and Herbs

  13. Natural Elements are Unbeatable
  14.     Having beautiful flowering plants in your garden attracts butterflies and bees that add heavenly surrounding to your     Landscape and Garden.

    Flowering Plants Attract Butterflies

Inspiring Patio Lighting Ideas to Enliven Your Home

    Natural Stone Patio Landscape LightingOutdoor lighting doesn’t have to be boring. With more and more options becoming available, the sky is the limit when creating an outdoor patio paradise. From direct lighting to ambient lighting, used to set the mood for a romantic dinner, options can be mixed or matched to suit any occasion.

  • See through lighting
    Glass panels equipped with LED lights on each cap provide indirect, ambient light that is ideal for setting the mood for a quiet evening outside on the deck.Outdoor Landscape Patio Lighting

  • Motion activated lights
    These small lights work well when placed near stairs, steps or walkways and also comply with building codes that require stairs and steps to be lighted.

  • RGB LED lighting
    Red/Green/Blue LED lights are controlled by a small computerized mechanism that allows you to create almost any color. The color of the lights can be changed to reflect a mood or to accent patio or deck furniture.Landscape Outdoor Patio Lighting

  • String lights
    String lights are an old favorite that are extremely convenient. They are affordable and come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. They can put up and taken down as needed. If you buy more than or two different sets, they can be swapped out in a matter of minutes.

  • Rail lights
    Small lights run off of solar power or a 12 Volt power source can be placed along the patio railing to help you locate the boundary of the patio or deck. They provide subtle light that does not detract from other lighting used over tables or other main areas.

  • Fiber optics
    Small fiber optic lights are excellent for that unique, unexpected look. Small emitters are placed in tiny holes drilled into the surface of the deck. The network of fiber optic cable is operated from a small, enclosed box. Landscape Concrete Pathway Lights