Blend Hardscape and Softscape Features for an Ideal Landscaping

When planning an elegant and functional landscape design for your outdoor living space, it’s crucial to integrate hardscapes and softscapes features. While hardscape represents the foundation of your functional outdoor living space, your softscape provides the trace of nature, essential to transform your backyard into an enjoyable, natural surroundings.

Blend Hardscape and Softscape Features for an Ideal Landscaping
Read on to know more about how to effectively blend hardscape and softscape features in your landscape design.


Hardscapes are permanent structures that constitute the gardens outlines and paths and require installation and construction. The major role of hardscapes is to provide a concrete shape to your property and an easy outdoor location for your recreational activities.

Some common hardscape features include:

  • Fence

    A fence not only improves the visual appeal of your landscape, but also demarcates the boundaries. It prevents the intrusion of young children or pets into the backyard, protects your privacy outdoors, and if your hardscape design consists of a swimming pool, safety fencing is compulsory.

  • Path
    A pathway or walkway or driveway secures the garden around it and allows access to garden beds without the risk of crushing them.
  • Patio
    A cozy deck or patio is a good relaxing and recreational space, especially when it presents a choice of sunlight or shade. It may additionally integrate useful features like fireproof grilling, an open fireplace or outdoor kitchen.
  • Planters
    Get the right planters for easier, extra productive gardening. An easy option for relocation of plant pots to get the maximum sunlight, vertical containers for good space utilization of your planting area, and elevated garden beds also help minimize your physical stress.
  • Retaining wall
    The primary role of a retaining wall is to check soil erosion on hill slopes which can allow you to remodel your land with alternative options like terracing a slope. Additionally, your retaining wall can double up as an attractive country seating.
  • Shelter
    A shelter outdoors, often called as a “mini-building may include a pergola, gazebo, or arbor and combines its attractive appearance with a functional aspect of providing shelter from sun and supporting the climbers.
  • Water Features
    Natural looking water features like ponds or waterfalls induce a calm effect into your yard and can be created from different materials, depending on the use. They are like self-confined ecosystems and can be home to fishes.


Softscapes are the direct opposite of the hardscapes. Softscaping involves seasonal and perennial plant life. The secret to a beautiful landscaping lies in designing the garden around the preexistent components, which refers to a proper utilization of the softscapes.

Some popular softscape features that help improve the landscape include:

  • Timber
    Timber provides a cooling effect to your yard with their shade and evaporation from their leaves. By incorporating a swing or a tree fort, timber can truly convert a home into a house. Additionally, timber is also home to birds and bees in your garden.
  • Hedge
    A hedge is regarded as a very classy looking privacy fence, which is certainly quite refined as compared to the much obvious chain hyperlink. If utilized properly, a hedge minimizes your heating and cooling prices by shielding you from the harsh sun rays and winter winds.
  • Shrubs
    Individual shrubs immensely accentuate dainty structure, appearing exactly like imposing columns at your home entrance.
  • Flower Backyards
    Since flowers impact one’s sight and smell, you can include colorful flowerbeds to enhance the beauty of your home and improve its curb appeal. You can well imagine a fragrant backyard while enjoying a night on your deck when visibility of the blooms is very low.
  • Vegetable Garden
    Nothing beats the taste of organic fruits and vegetables, just picked from your own vegetable patch. Vegetable gardening is also considered a good exercise especially for teenagers, serving the purposes of both enjoyment and education!
  • Grass or Groundcover
    Aside from improving the look of your garden, grass or different groundcover play an important role of checking soil erosion. Also, it gives a very cozy feel underfoot!
  • Soil
    The soil is fundamental to all of your softscape. Get your soil tested and corrected, if needed, in order to maintain its original form.
  • You can always choose to hire the services of a good landscaping design company to add a professional touch to your combined landscaping design.

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