8 Ideas to Create a Functional Outdoor Living Space

After surviving the polar vortex of winter and a super-soaked spring, it’s time now to cherish the pleasant summer weather. Nothing could be as appealing as spending time in sunshine hosting al fresco events for friends, family and neighbors in your outdoor space.


Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, if you’ll follow some inventive ideas, it will not only add convenience and comfort to your functional outdoor living space but also transform this space into an open air retreat for your friends and family to enjoy it from late spring until early fall.

Here are 8 ideas to create an enthralling functional outdoor living space:

  1. Synchronize Your Space:
    There are two essential elements of functional outdoor living space: your lawn, and the design of your home. Before planning your grilling stations or lounging area, you must consider your lawn size. To give sync to your whole outdoor living, make sure there are no shadowy, spacious or cramped spaces and every element should be placed in a way that it complements your house.
  2. Avoid Loads of Furniture:
    It’s advised that rather than placing loads of chairs or cabanas in your outdoor space, you should prefer build-in benches; this will not only save the space but it’ll also provide enough seating arrangement for people to relax. And it’s also good for hosting an unexpected gathering.
  3. Prefer Grass Patios:
    There are different types of materials available for a patio; some of them are paved and low maintenance, while some are soft patch of grass like clover or moss. You can even use a combination of pavers and soft grass in which you should use the pavers to highlight the walkways. It helps in maintaining the traffic and gives a sense of direction to your outdoor living space.
  4. Accessories with Bold Color:
    Black and natural wood color accessories like wooden lounges, or sculptures look really elegant in the living room but it won’t happen the same with outdoor living spaces. It’s better to paint these wooden chairs, dining spaces and other accessories with bright colors. This will give your outdoor living space a touch of excitement and create a funky atmosphere.
  5. Add a Fire Pit:
    A fire place is great to break the monotony of your yard while adding a cool place to hang out in the evening. It creates an inviting ambiance. There are different types of fire pits available. Some of them are portable, and some of them are build as a hole in the ground. It all depends on how much you want to spend.
  6. Proper Outdoor Kitchen:
    While planning to prepare an outdoor kitchen, you must select weather resistant materials like stainless steel, stone and concrete. You should also consider including amenities like, refrigerator, sink, gas-fired burners, etc. These elements of outdoor living would not only complement the house but will also give your functional outdoor living space a stylish edge.
  7. Play Area:
    Plan a proper play area for your kids or pets to run around and play. Make sure that these areas have proper shade and soft flooring; you can go for recycled rubber or mulch. You can also place a child sized house on large grassy area where your kids can play and thrive their imagination.
  8. Appropriate Lighting:
    Holidays are not the only time to light up your outdoor space. You can use colorful lights to set the mood in any season. Lighting makes your outdoor space safer as it prevents people from tripping in the dark and enhances your outdoor accessories aesthetic appeal as it allows the less attractive elements to fade in the dark as the sun goes down.

These ideas will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your house but it’ll also make your outdoor living space functional and an exceptional place to unwind this summer with your friends and family.

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