7 Easy Fall Clean-up Ideas to Get Your Yard Winter Ready

Fall Clean-Up Checklist

After a prolonged summer and lovely autumn, your yard is very likely to require some fall clean-up in order to carry on during the harsh winter months. The correct preparation today will also spare you time and energy on the arrival of spring and will maintain the well-being of you and your family in the yard throughout the year.

Here is a winter clean-up checklist for you to follow this fall to get your yard winter-ready:

  1. Unclog Rain Gutters
    This is the best time to clean your rain gutters, since they have an important role during the damp winter season. You should make sure to unclog any congestion with a hose or hand shovel to permit proper drainage.
  2. Prune Trees and Hedges
    Identify the trees in your yard with dead branches, and trim back overgrown trees and bushes. The ideal way to prune your trees having heavier branches is by using a chainsaw, and by using pruning scissors for the smaller ones.
  3. Clean Out All Debris
    Scattered leaves and weeds on the ground are the ideal places for pests to find shelter during the winter. Remove all the debris from flower beds, particularly the rose beds because their foliage can promote disease over the winter.
  4. Mow Your Lawn Low
    Mow your lawn to the shortest possible length and spread fertilizer over it. This will make sure that during the resurfacing of the spring season, your lawn is poised to get back its abundant greenery. Use an aerator in your lawn to allow essential nutrients to sneak into the soil.
  5. Rake to Make Mulch
    Rake up the fallen leaves into rows rather than a big pile, then shred them to use them as mulch; which will replenish your lawn with essential nutrients. In lieu of the raking part, use a lawn mower in your yard to mulch the leaves; then compile them in compost bins.
  6. Plant Spring Bulbs
    If you wish to enjoy a beautiful yard early in the spring, plant spring bulbs. Crocus, daffodils, and tulips are perfectly suitable if you plant the bulbs proceeding the first snowfall in order to allow them to remain cool.
  7. Contact Landscape Pros
    Finally, before the approaching winter, it is highly advisable to get some professional help for proper yard maintenance. Instead of waiting until spring, plan ahead to utilize the best services and prices to meet your budget.

Fall clean-up is extremely important not only for eliminating seasonal eye sores and garden waste but also for readying your yard for rough winters and the accompanying spring.

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