Budget Friendly Halloween Recipes & Decoration for Outdoors

If you’re planning a Halloween party but want to keep the budget under $100, you can create impressive creepy decorations with basic arts and crafts, as well as items from discount stores.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Here are a few ideas to help with your interior and landscape design for this upcoming Halloween and in the future.

Budget Friendly Halloween Decoration Ideas for Outdoors

  1. Artificial Jack O’ Lanterns
    The most essential element of any Halloween party is pumpkin imagery. While it takes time and effort to carve a real pumpkin, which will inevitably rot and require disposal, plastic pumpkins are cheap, simple to set up and can be used year after year.

  2. Spiders and Webs
    Giant spiders will create a spooky landscape design. Consider what the weather will be like in your area so you can decide on the appropriate material. You can make your own giant spiders out of dark plastic trash bags filled with newspapers. Webs can be made with white yarn.

  3. Skulls and Skeletons
    You’ll likely find cheap plastic skulls at stores that sell items for a dollar. The great thing about skulls is they are usually pretty generic looking, allowing you to add your own creative touch.

  4. Faces on Trees
    Attaching faces made of clay on trees can be an unexpected creative landscape decoration for Halloween. The faces don’t have to be elaborate. The idea alone of putting faces on trees will be attention-getting, regardless of what the faces look like.

  5. Indoor Candles
    Candles are inexpensive and convey haunted spirits on Halloween. They can glow in your windows and inside pumpkins throughout your home. Adorable & enchantress figurines paired with Halloween colored candles truly draws everyone’s eye to the centerpiece.

  6. Hanging Hands
    Hands hanging from ceilings, roofs and tree branches are easy to make. Just buy cheap gloves and stuff them with paper or cotton.

Following 5 Halloween recipes can add to the thrill and spookiness in environment:

Halloween Recipes

  1. Dead man’s finger sandwiches – You need thin sliced white breads without crusts, soft margarine, either cream cheese or peanut butter, almonds and strawberry jam.

    How to Prepare: Flat the bread slices with a rolling pin to make it more flexible. Include some margarine, and some peanut butter or cream cheese. Use a knife to form finger joints and rolling up the sandwiches. Trim the end of the fingers to a “V” shape appearance. Stick an almond each on to tip of every finger to make it appear as nails. Use a dash of strawberry jam or a food color for the blood appearance.

  2. Chocolate Orange Spider Cupcakes – You need following ingredients:
    • 1 Stick
    • 1 tablespoon butter
    • 2 ½ tablespoon sugar
    • 2 lightly beaten eggs
    • ½ cup bittersweet chocolate chips
    • 1 teaspoon grated orange zest

    Decoration Tips: You can use the following ingredients to garnish the cupcake:
    • ¼ cup chocolate flavour frosting (example- Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker)
    • Chocolate coated sugar sprinkles
    • 120 chocolate Pocky stick cookies
    • 1/4 cup bittersweet chocolate chips
    • Licorice Allsorts

    How to Prepare: Prepare the cupcakes first. It is essential to preheat the oven up to 350. F. Align 10 paper muffin cups. Beat butter and sugar till it turns pale and fluffy, in an electric mixer. Beat the cocoa powder together in a bowl. Add a bit of butter sugar mixture to the eggs. Add second egg to the mixture so that it does not curdle.
    Fill 2/3 of the paper muffin cup with cake batter. Bake these cups for about 22 minutes. Cool them in pan for few minutes and then transfer them to wire rack and cool them completely.
    Once the cupcakes are cool, you can apply chocolate sprinkles and other ingredients to garnish them as per your licking.

  3. Slimy snacks – You can choose between lime or apple Jell-O and prepare a package and divide among 8 ounce clear bowls or mason jars. Fill them half and refrigerate until they get firm.
    Prepare another flavor, which could be cherry, grape or berry-blue. While cooking them place three gummy worms on the top of the frozen gelatine and let another one hang over from the top of the glass. Pour the second flavor over the worms, Fill the second flavor to the top of the glass and refrigerate.
  4. Spooky Veggies N’ Dip Recipe: Select a dip of your liking in a bowl and place them in the center of serving platter. Spread the dips onto the tips of carrots to form fingernails. Pile up the green beans near carrots. Use dots end of beans with ketchup for creating snake eyes.
    Put sliced cherry tomatoes in half place of the platter with the flat side upwards. Use olive slice as topping and a pea create eyes.
  5. Frankentreats Recipe: Use home-made Rice Krispies Treat and push each one onto a wooden skewer. Keep them aside. Then stir 1 cup white-chocolate chips and 1 tablespoon shortening with either green or neon-green food coloring. Place spoon melted chocolate on wax-paper-lined cookie sheet. Use jujubes and gummy worm for neck bolts and mouth respectively. Refrigerate the chocolate until it is firm and then remove it from the skewer. Use black decorating icing for drawing hair and dot eyes.

The aforementioned 5 recipes can make your Halloween bash spooky, gruesome and full of thrill. Start preparing these beforehand and have a wonderful Halloween full of fright and adventure.

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