10 Amazing Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations are the perfect way to extend your holiday spirit to the exterior of your house. Regardless the style of your holiday decorating or your budget, you’re sure to find outdoor Christmas decorations that fit the bill to make your home cheery for the entire season.

Residential Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Check out these 10 amazing ideas for outdoor decorations that would redefine the beauty of your residential landscape.

  1. Christmas lights
    Christmas lights

    Outdoor Christmas lights are a classic decorating option, and it’s not hard to see why. With such a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles, you can use LED Christmas lights to transform your yard into a winter wonderland in mere minutes. You can have a fantastic Christmas light show at your home to grab the attention of your guests.

  2. Wreath
    Christmas wreath
    Take your front door up a notch this Christmas with a unique wreath. For example, consider a leafy green wreath instead of the traditional pine outfitted with pine cones and a pop of gold. String a leafy green garland around the door to match.
  3. Topiary Animals
    Topiary Animals
    Lighted animals among the bushes and trees give everyone a cozy, warm feeling during the holiday season. Of course deer grazing around the trees or posed to pull Santa’s sleigh is a classic, but you don’t need to feel limited to this option.
  4. Cranberry Luminarias
    Cranberry Luminarias
    Layer stocky, clear glass vases with fake snow, fake cranberries, and pillar candles, and then line your steps or pathway with the vases. Complete each vase with a pine bundle.
  5. Festive Railing Planter
    Festive Railing Planter
    Adding seasonal greenery to outdoor planters gives your curb that winter feeling in no time. Think about sprinkling berries, clementines, and evergreen sprigs among your usual plantings.
  6. Holiday Mailbox
    Holiday Mailbox
    As we said before, people like to decorate each corner of their house, but often forget about their mailbox. All you have to do to decorate your mailbox is flourish it with pine cones, holly springs and pine branches. You can also add colorful ribbons to add to the charm.
  7. Tiny Frosted Trees
    Tiny Frosted Trees
    To make frosted trees, you can use bottle brush furs and place them in a decorated wintry bucket. If you light up votive candles around the bucket, it will create a calm and cozy look.
  8. Door Garland
    Door Garland
    This will give your outdoor decoration a complete new look. A guest standing at your door will definitely feel more welcomed. You can decorate your own stuff or you can buy it from the market where you can get customized garlands. Place them outside top and sides of your outer door.
  9. Jingle Bells
    Jingle Bells
    Oh, those colorful jingle bells really embody the spark and the peppiness of the season. These are very simple to prepare. You need spruce branches, bells and stripped ribbon. You can hang these bells on your front door or mailbox. Jingle bells are indispensable and never go out of fashion.
  10. Glowing Holiday GlobesGlowing Holiday Globes
    You can get glowing frosted globes in small and large sizes from stores. These can be scattered all around your yard for an ethereal winter decoration. These look very pleasing when they glow.

2 thoughts on “10 Amazing Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Decorations

  1. Sandra Larsen

    There are so many other wonderful choices available for outdoor decoration – small brush trees and fake snow are also a great options..

    1. Socorro Gonzalez

      Yes! Obviously there are more ideas that can be implemented but above provided 10 can really add classical Christmas aura to your outdoor.


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