5 Drought Tolerant Plants That Thrive in Full Sun

If you have no respite from the sun and heat at your property, and wish to grow plants there, select full-sun plants that can thrive well in low-water conditions. Here is a list of 5 drought-tolerant plants that not just survive dry conditions, but also add distinctive color and texture to your garden.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Moreover, if these plants are well taken care of in their first season; they will be very forgiving of dry conditions in the future years.

  1. Yarrow Plants

    Yarrow plants can be a lovely perennial addition to your garden. They are very easy to grow with almost no care. They are associated with an ancient Greek mythology hero. These flowers grow in clusters that give them the flat-top look. What’s more, the plant and the flowers have medicinal uses too.

  2. Snow-in-Summer Plants

    Snow-in-Summer is another full-sun plant that calls for very low maintenance. The name derives from its appearance in bloom, which is for its mass of snow-white flowers. However, the flowers are not the only attractive part of this showy plant. The silver foliage is a pretty addition to this plant and retains its rich color year round.

  3. Evening Primrose Plants

    Yellow Evening Primrose is a sweet wildflower that grows well in dry and open areas. As the name suggests, this little flower blooms at night. It produces lovely yellow flowers from May to July. Furthermore, this plant has a long history of use as an alternative medicine.

  4. Shasta Daisy Plants

    Shasta Daisies are classic perennials ideal for dry and sunny areas. Each flower resembles the sun with ray-like petals. These plants require minimal care and are perfect for filling in bare spots in your landscape. However, provide good drainage as the plants can’t tolerate soggy roots or standing water.

  5. Lavender Flower Plants

    Having a Lavender plant in your garden serves two purposes; firstly, enjoy the graceful spires of tiny flowers during the summers, then harvest this herb and enjoy its fragrance during the winters to alleviate stress. This plant thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, and can be easily raised in beds as well as containers.

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