Top Decorative Concrete Ideas for Your Residential landscape

Decorative Concrete Designs

If you’re like most homeowners you want your house to look its absolute best all the time. That’s why you’ve spent tons of time and money on your décor and perfecting the look of the inside of your home. However, there’s more to a home’s style than the inside.

When you’re ready to spruce up your home, use these residential landscape design tips to help you improve the look of your home through decorative concrete.

Paint Existing Concrete
Painting Concrete Floor
When most people think of concrete and residential landscape design they immediately think of that boring gray stuff that just isn’t very nice to look at. However, concrete doesn’t have to be that color, and you can actually paint it to match your house.

You will need special paint if you’re going to color your concrete, but it can be purchased pretty much anywhere that sells large quantities of paint. You may also want to consider hiring a company who can easily handle the job since setting times can be a bit confusing.

When you’re picking a color make sure it’s appropriate for the area. You won’t want a white concrete driveway because of the potential for dirt and oil stains.

Scored Concrete
Another option for existing concrete that can make it more interesting looking is to simply score it. While this process isn’t as hard as it sounds, it’s likely something that you’ll need to have a professional do.
Scored Concrete Surface

Choose large or small “tiles” to give your concrete the look you want for your home.

Try Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete can be used for decks, driveways and pretty much any other concrete surface around your home. One of the best things about stamped concrete is that it hides dirt well because of the pattern, making it ideal for outdoor use.Stamped Concrete Surface

Decorative Concrete Overlay
It helps in giving your old concrete a new look or, as you can say, a facelift by concealing surface imperfections. A great advantage of using decorative overlay is the limitless availability of colors and designs to select. There are several options available for attaining the desired look with a concrete overlay. After installation, the concrete will adhere comfortably to the gaps and will resist damage from UV exposures.
Decorative Concrete Overlay

Polished Concrete
Decorative concrete, when used to create polished floors, is considered to be a very cost effective and attractive decorative option. It enhances the overall floor quality and furnishes a highly-glossy, extremely dense, abrasion tolerant and slip resistant surface. Polishing concrete is available in various colors and designs.
Polished Concrete

This is a very common variety of decorative concrete finish in which a textured finish is troweled down over regular concrete. In this process, a thin layer of durable cement material is creatively troweled to resemble the design of natural slate or other streamlined, rippled stone finishes. This coat can be shaded using various color combinations and has been applied to get great results in residential landscaping designs around the world.

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