Top 6 Landscaping Ideas for Drought Affected Areas

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

Many people assume that they can’t do much with their landscape design during a drought and simply leave the yard be while they wait for rainier weather. Drought conditions require different types of landscape garden designs than wetter conditions. However, there are still lots of options for creating fun, vibrant yards that fit your personal style and preferences.

Potted plants
Potted plants are a great way to bring some green into your yard while still being able to water efficiently. You can also use potted plant groupings to create unique focal points in areas of your yard where the soil doesn’t support plant growth. You can use a simple color theme to arrange these plants and add an elegant look to your garden.

Herbs, flowers, and edibles
Having a yard full of herbs, flowers, and edibles in strong soil and ample mulch requires much less water than a yard full of grass. Choose fruit and nut trees, and vegetables in different sizes, shapes, and colors to add visual interest. But if you are fond of seeing flowers in your landscape, you should go for perennials that are sturdier and require less water.

Succulents make it surprisingly easy to fill your yard with the green that you desire without the high water usage. Don’t use lots of succulents because it might look odd. Use different types of succulents and combine them at one place. This will add an amazing texture and color to your garden.

Instead of bemoaning the lack of grass, embrace the new found space and create gravel or stone courtyards, terraces, or pathways. Choose interesting, textured stones and then soften the area just a little bit with low water plants such as Mexican sage and lavender. Blue Hibiscus and heavenly bamboo plant combination can give a lush look to your courtyard.

Gravel offers a neutral color that blends in with its surroundings so as not to distract from your beautiful garden features. Proper use of gravels, stones or pavers in your garden gives it a contemporary, minimalist look. Gravel also feels good under the feet, captures groundwater, and is a great counterpoint to succulents and fire pits.

Ground covers
Think about installing a ground cover that provides the feel of a lawn without the frequent watering and mowing requirements such as Wooly Yarrow, Dymondia, or Sedum. A grass variety that requires minimal maintenance and watering, such as Carex, is also a great option. You can opt for artificial grass which looks like real grass and is available in different varieties and colors.

These ideas will make your yard stand apart this drought season. They will not only help you create a vibrant outdoor space but also help you save water without compromising the aesthetics of your yard. Apart from all these tips, try to choose native plants because they will take the hold quickly and begin to thrive without much of your efforts.

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