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7 Landscape Design Trends to Increase The Value Of Your Property

The ideal landscape is one that renders your family – recreation, privacy and security. It also adds to your home’s value and curb appeal in all seasons. There are some trends or elements like lighting the way, fountain and local flora that can be used to facelift landscape design as well as home’s value.
Apart from the above mentioned features here are some simple yet effective ideas to beautify your outdoor and landscape design:

  1. Use of Solar Lights in Pathways and Stairs
  2.     Use of Solar Lights in Pathways and stairs can provide an ambient effect to your landscape and it will also cut-off of     electric bills.

    Solar Lights in Outdoor

  3. Planting Long and Bushy Plants
  4.     Planting a long and bushy plants at the boundary of your landscape secures your privacy and block the view of     individuals.

    Privacy Concern Trees

  5. Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping
  6.     Plants from the native place have an optimum growth and need less maintenance.

    Plants for Local Climate

  7. Adding Water Phenomena to Your Landscape
  8.     Water Fountain and small Ponds are the center of attraction for your outdoor landscape design.

    Water Fountain using Pots

  9. Outdoor Structures to Bring Indoors Out
  10.     Turning Outdoor & Landscape into small kitchen and sitting area, where you can relax and enjoy your free time.

    Outdoor Landscape for Sitting Area

  11. Edible Plants to Forage in Your Landscape
  12.     Using edible plants and bushes in your gardening produce beautiful leafage and provide edible delights to home owner.

    Gardening with Edible Plants and Herbs

  13. Natural Elements are Unbeatable
  14.     Having beautiful flowering plants in your garden attracts butterflies and bees that add heavenly surrounding to your     Landscape and Garden.

    Flowering Plants Attract Butterflies