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Amazing Residential Landscape Designs by Dana Pacific

There are many different elements that create a pleasant landscape design. Simple and unified arrangement of these elements is what makes your landscape stand out from others. Though there are a lot of factors that need to be incorporated for a beautiful landscape, there are some essential elements like repetition, variety, and color balance that are to be considered as top priorities while making a residential landscape design.

Here are some residential landscape designs developed by Dana Pacific Landscape that will give you an overview of how to use a variety of landscaping products to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house.

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How Hardscaping Is an Essential Element of Residential Landscape

Incorporation of hardscape has become an integral part of a residential landscape design process. It works all the way towards the enhancement of your residential landscape. It generally refers to the built aspects or the built environment of the landscape design, popularly defined as “something which is not living in the garden”. Sidewalks, stepping stones, retaining walls, walkways and staircases are some common hardscaping elements used for residential landscape designs.

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How Natural Paving Stones Enrich the Appeal of Your Landscape

If you want your landscaped area to look as natural as possible, use natural paving stones. Unlike commercial pavers, natural stone comes in various colors, shapes and sizes that provide an abstract look and feel to an area.

Pathways, boundaries and edging made with natural stone offer a one-of-a-kind look to your landscaping. Natural stone pavers enhance residential landscape design, giving it a rustic look.
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Top Decorative Concrete Ideas for Your Residential landscape

Decorative Concrete Designs

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Residential Landscaping Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

Residential landscape design not only beautifies your home, but also increases its value. While your home may be beautiful to look at on its own, landscaping can accent its positive features and reduce the impact of distractions that cast a negative light on the overall picture.

Residential Landscape Design Ideas

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5 Ideas That Transform Simple Path Into an Inviting Walkway

Your walkways and paths don’t have to be boring and plain. There are several things you can do to spruce them up and make them more inviting. Residential landscape design professionals are available to help you liven up your pathways and make them shine.

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7 Landscape Design Trends to Increase The Value Of Your Property

The ideal landscape is one that renders your family – recreation, privacy and security. It also adds to your home’s value and curb appeal in all seasons. There are some trends or elements like lighting the way, fountain and local flora that can be used to facelift landscape design as well as home’s value.
Apart from the above mentioned features here are some simple yet effective ideas to beautify your outdoor and landscape design:

  1. Use of Solar Lights in Pathways and Stairs
  2.     Use of Solar Lights in Pathways and stairs can provide an ambient effect to your landscape and it will also cut-off of     electric bills.

    Solar Lights in Outdoor

  3. Planting Long and Bushy Plants
  4.     Planting a long and bushy plants at the boundary of your landscape secures your privacy and block the view of     individuals.

    Privacy Concern Trees

  5. Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping
  6.     Plants from the native place have an optimum growth and need less maintenance.

    Plants for Local Climate

  7. Adding Water Phenomena to Your Landscape
  8.     Water Fountain and small Ponds are the center of attraction for your outdoor landscape design.

    Water Fountain using Pots

  9. Outdoor Structures to Bring Indoors Out
  10.     Turning Outdoor & Landscape into small kitchen and sitting area, where you can relax and enjoy your free time.

    Outdoor Landscape for Sitting Area

  11. Edible Plants to Forage in Your Landscape
  12.     Using edible plants and bushes in your gardening produce beautiful leafage and provide edible delights to home owner.

    Gardening with Edible Plants and Herbs

  13. Natural Elements are Unbeatable
  14.     Having beautiful flowering plants in your garden attracts butterflies and bees that add heavenly surrounding to your     Landscape and Garden.

    Flowering Plants Attract Butterflies

7 Trends That Are Sure to Give Your Landscape a Facelift

Landscaping is a living art form. You can create a virtual paradise in a small section of your lawn or you can turn your entire backyard into nature sanctuary designed for both beauty and function. Many homeowners want to put their landscaped areas to use as a way of offsetting some of the cost. Others want to beautify as well as increase their overall property value.

1. Light the Way
You can highlight your pathways and other landscape areas with small solar lights. Small lights can also be used to illuminate fountains, ponds, birdbaths and other small areas.

2. Protect Your Privacy with Plants
Many plants that grow exceptionally tall can be used to block the view of individuals who might try to look in from the outside. These plants can bring you beauty and security all at once.

3. Local Flora
Plants that are native to a region are ideal for optimum growth. They also thrive well in the area due to their ability to withstand weather conditions that are common to the place.

4. Fountain Fantasy
Water phenomena such as fountains and small ponds are unique ways to accentuate landscaped areas and give them a unique look.

5. Bring the Indoors to Outdoors
Turn a landscape area into a small kitchen, complete with an outdoor barbecue, stone counters and sitting areas.

6. Everything Edible
A landscaped area can include almost any kind of plant. Bushes and shrubs that produce berries, herbs and spices produce beautiful foliage plus provide the homeowner with edible delights.

7. The Benefit of Bugs
Flowering plants can be used to create flower gardens that attract not only butterflies, but bees and birds as well. Even little creatures can add to the beauty quotient of your landscape.