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7 Trends That Are Sure to Give Your Landscape a Facelift

Landscaping is a living art form. You can create a virtual paradise in a small section of your lawn or you can turn your entire backyard into nature sanctuary designed for both beauty and function. Many homeowners want to put their landscaped areas to use as a way of offsetting some of the cost. Others want to beautify as well as increase their overall property value.

1. Light the Way
You can highlight your pathways and other landscape areas with small solar lights. Small lights can also be used to illuminate fountains, ponds, birdbaths and other small areas.

2. Protect Your Privacy with Plants
Many plants that grow exceptionally tall can be used to block the view of individuals who might try to look in from the outside. These plants can bring you beauty and security all at once.

3. Local Flora
Plants that are native to a region are ideal for optimum growth. They also thrive well in the area due to their ability to withstand weather conditions that are common to the place.

4. Fountain Fantasy
Water phenomena such as fountains and small ponds are unique ways to accentuate landscaped areas and give them a unique look.

5. Bring the Indoors to Outdoors
Turn a landscape area into a small kitchen, complete with an outdoor barbecue, stone counters and sitting areas.

6. Everything Edible
A landscaped area can include almost any kind of plant. Bushes and shrubs that produce berries, herbs and spices produce beautiful foliage plus provide the homeowner with edible delights.

7. The Benefit of Bugs
Flowering plants can be used to create flower gardens that attract not only butterflies, but bees and birds as well. Even little creatures can add to the beauty quotient of your landscape.