Natural Stone Patio: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Natural Stone Patio Cleaning and Maintenance

Natural stone patios are incredibly nice to have. They look good, feel good, and they can last for years if you take care of them properly! If you want your stone patio to continue to look amazing, below are a few tips on how to go about cleaning them.

  • Use Polymeric Sand
    This type of sand does two things. First off, it keeps bugs from living in between the stones and possibly finding their way into your home. Secondly, the sand keeps weeds from popping up which can, in turn, crack the stone.

  • Use a Seasonal Cleaner
    One cleaner to consider is called Wet and Forget. This uses a mixture of surfactants to clean the patio, but it also uses good old nature; sun, rain, and wind to keep the surface looking new. It’s about as simple as it gets in terms of cleaning! Plus, it gets rid of things like mold, mildew, and moss. Moss especially, can make your patio look unkempt and unsightly!

  • Use Green Products
    There are numerous green cleaning products in the market. These products are really effective for cleaning the patios. These products are cost effective, environment friendly and purely natural. Green products reduce the need of a premature replacement caused by conditional cleaners.

  • Polishing
    Polishing is a vital part of patio maintenance. It keeps your patio in a good shape. Make sure that you remove all the surface dust before applying polish. It gives your patio a very attractive shine and it also preserves the slate material.

  • Kill Weeds
    If you do the above-mentioned tactics, you shouldn’t get weeds. But, if you are just now reading this and you do have weeds, consider using white vinegar. This is a natural item that you probably have in your cabinet right now and it can actually kill weeds on contact. Mix this along with dish washing liquid and place it in a spray bottle.

If you manage to apply all 5 of the cleaning and maintenance tips above, you shouldn’t have any more issues with dirt, staining, or weeds and moss growing on your stone patio. This is something you will need to be diligent with, especially when it comes to the vinegar solution above. You simply cannot do it one time and expect a miracle. This needs to be done weekly.

One thought on “Natural Stone Patio: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

  1. Larry Weaver

    My patio does contain weeds, so thanks for the tip to use white vinegar to take care of the problem. My patio is actually in pretty poor shape, so I’ll need to put a lot of work into it. I’m considering looking into commercial paving stone sealing services to get it fixed up.


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