How Hardscaping Is an Essential Element of Residential Landscape

Incorporation of hardscape has become an integral part of a residential landscape design process. It works all the way towards the enhancement of your residential landscape. It generally refers to the built aspects or the built environment of the landscape design, popularly defined as “something which is not living in the garden”. Sidewalks, stepping stones, retaining walls, walkways and staircases are some common hardscaping elements used for residential landscape designs.


Some of the vital aspects of hardscaping that you must be well aware of are:

  • Hardscaping should be given due importance when a new construction or a major remodeling happens.
  • It provides exterior landscape and the garden a cohesive backbone.
  • It should offer a sense of permanence and longevity.
  • It acts as an integrating agent through coordinating, repeating and contrasting the building materials which are already used on the site.
  • Its elements are not alive hence there is no need of water, pruning, mowing, etc. In other words, hardscapes do not need any maintenance.
  • Its addition enables you to create great visuals, depth and texture.
  • A well-designed hardscape is permanent and also responsible for increasing the value of the property.
  • Hardscaping elements such as courtyard walls create privacy in the yard and separate boundary lines with neighbors.

Keep these points in mind while analyzing your hardscaping needs. This will help you focus precisely and make the decision making better.

Why Proper Hardscaping Is a Must for Residential Landscape Design

The following are some of the reasons why one should definitely incorporate a well-planned hardscape in your residential landscape:

Ensures Privacy
It provides more security by increasing privacy in certain areas. There are a few ways to enhance your privacy. The most common examples are walls and fencing, as these are the easiest and most affordable options for increasing privacy.

Requires Low Maintenance
In your landscape you have living elements such as flowers, plants, grass, etc. To maintain these, and you need to water, prune and mow them. However, in hardscapes, all the elements are non-living and don’t require maintenance.

Increases Accessibility
It creates a way to explore your property. A stone pathway or heated walkway are two examples, as they allow your family and close friends to have a nice time and enjoy the various aspects of your landscape.

These points clarify the reason for a hardscape installation. It’s an important aspect for having an impressive and eye-catching residential landscape. The incorporation of hardscape into your residential landscape design will do wonders for your property.

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    My mom just remodeled our garden and it looks great. However, her grandchildren will be coming over this weekend. She’s now looking up some residential landscape maintenance services to prepare. This article assisted my mom in properly hardscaping the garden.


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