6 Ways to Prepare Your Landscape Post Fall

Fall is in full swing, which means you need to be planning for the difficult winter months that can be really punishing for your lawn. If you make sure to have the right landscape maintenance done now, your yard will come out of winter in much better shape.

  1. Cleaning
    Proper landscape maintenance begins with clearing out the leaves and debris that come with fall. The best way to do that is to bring in professionals who will properly take care of the yard, getting under shrubs and clearing out areas that you may forget or neglect.
  2. Add Mulch and Organic Materials
    Add mulch and organic materials around your trees and shrubs. Mulch acts as a blanket for plant roots, keeping moisture and warmth in during the coldest days. You can actually mulch the yard debris that was removed, which is both financially sound and environmentally friendly.
  3. Area Management
    Prepare the areas around your shrubbery. Look over your front and backyard landscape designs and determine where you can place the fences. The fences offer two kinds of protection for your shrubs; it prevents melting agents (like salt) from damaging your shrubs and it makes it easier to cover your shrubs when it gets cold.
  4. Trim/Remove Perennials
    Trim back perennials to soil level, and split the ones that have begun to outgrow their current location. You can use a sharp knife or spade to cut the perennials apart. If you want to remove them completely from the soil, you can untangle them and pull apart using your hands.
  5. Cut the Grass
    Cut the grass one last time. It should be about two and a half inches high, which works to help make the grass healthier during winter and encourages growth as soon as the weather starts to warm up.
  6. Use Insecticides
    Keep fighting bugs, particularly fleas and ticks. If the winter is mild, you will need to keep an eye out for insects on your plants. You can find various types of insecticides in the market, which won’t harm the greenery of your landscape.

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